Hello!  Thanks for stopping by!  I’m so grateful that you decided to check me out a little further.  I’m Jessey, the gal behind The Wellbeing Path, and this is truly my passion project.  What exactly do I do?  I support and encourage women on their paths to wellness and to themselves.  Through coaching, I motivate others to make the changes to improve their lives.  I provide guidance during times when clients are feeling stuck.  I support others in finding their purpose, developing their strengths, and creating their ideal lives.  And I have a great time doing it!

So, I suppose you’re wondering just who I am.  Before we go down that road, let’s get what I am out of the way.  I am a mom, fully committed to creating happy, healthy lives for my kids.  I am a wife who loves her husband and tries her hardest but still struggles with the matronly duties.  I am a sister and will forever cherish the memories and connection I have with my big sister.  I am a daughter who remains so, even after loss.  I am a friend who loves her girls, and guys, fiercely and will forever champion for them, support them, and hold them up when need be.  I am a worker who needs to serve a mission and a greater purpose in order to be fulfilled.  I am a dancer and love taking the stage.  I am a teacher and a wayfinder who derives the most life pleasure when I’m supporting other women.

Now, then, who I am is a woman who lives each day excited for what I’m able  to learn, do, create, change, and grow.  I am a very sensitive being and I believe there is so much power in our emotions.  I am thoughtful in my approach to everything and tend to meticulously make plans that will benefit everyone involved.  I am outgoing but a total introvert.  I am compassionate and empathetic and have a great need to connect with others on a deep level.  I believe in magic but not necessarily in fairy tales.  I am observant and introspective and spend a good amount of time seeking understanding of myself and others.  I love food, wine, art, music, walking barefoot in the grass, and dancing too long to music from 1996.

Let me tell you a bit more about what I do.  I work with women who are struggling to find time for self-care, who are experiencing seemingly insurmountable levels of stress, and who are having difficulty finding who they are and what they want in the midst of their responsibilities to children, work, family, and home.  I provide the opportunity, platform, and tools for women to begin developing self-awareness and self-care and start instilling a wellness outlook on the many facets of their lives.  I bring to the table empathy, compassion, understanding, respect, intuition, humor, and grace (I hope!) and I bring these to every experience.  I have training and experience in nutrition, aromatherapy, herbology, meditation, reflexology, dance, yoga, Healing Touch, journaling, creating intentions, crystal and mineral usage, and psychoneuroimmunology, as well as over 18 years of experience in the vocational rehabilitation field.  It is my passion and my mission to support others on their life journeys.

I am eager to work with you and spend some time with you on your wellness journey!

                                                            *Please note that, sometimes, the path doesn’t continue the way we imagined it would.